Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

 Human embryonic stem cell colony blue (13).

 Human embryonic stem cell colony purple (14).

 About This Website:

Designed for the Teen Biotech Challenge competition, this website is about the field of human embryonic stem cell 

research, a topic in Regenerative Medicine. From its very beginning to the latest innovations in the field, the website talks 

about anything and everything concerning hESC research.

Website Overview

The Background page will give a description of what hESC research is and a little bit of its history.

The Innovators page will talk about different biotech companies that offer clinical trial therapies using hES cells.

The Impact page will talk about impacts of the hESC research field in the society, politics, and the economy.

The Issues page is all about the "big debate", the ethical and legal debate that will always be mentioned when talking about hESC research.

The References page gives all the references and links of places the information used in this website.

Contact Information

Website made by:

Fey Saechao. Email:

Juan Perez. Email:

School: Hiram Johnson High School, Health Careers Academy.

Sponser: Vlastimil Krbecek, Biotechnology Teacher/Academy Coordinator. Email: vlastimil-krbecek@sac-city,

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