Legal and Ethical Issues

 Stem Cell Controversy

     Embryonic stem cell research is a dust storm of controversy. When considering the issue we can separate opinions of hESC research into to two main groups. The first group would be the proponents and the second the opponents.
An article from the Magazine, America, stated that, "There is, to begin with, a general consensus that scientific research and the astonishing technology that it has made possible are great Human endeavors that should be advanced, as long as their development is in accord with norms"(2). From here the opinions begin to separate into two distinct sides.

 No to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Opponents of the Research believe that using embryo's in any research is immoral. Many religious groups can be categorized under this side of the issue. The argument often put out by opponents is that embryos are a form of human life, to destroy an embryo is to kill another person. Many political cartoons can often depict how opponents' views on the topic.

Embryo Angel  (21)

Yes to Embryonic Stem Cell Research 

Proponents of the Research often use a counter argument that embryos are not a form of life, rather they only have the potential to become a life form but are not actually alive themselves. Like their opponents. the propoents of hESC research also uses political cartoons to depict their views on the issue.


Pro-Stem Cell Research (22)

Legal Issues

Along with the problems faced on the federal level concerning research policies. States across the US also have their own laws in place when it comes to regulations of hESC research. In many states, there are laws that prevent the use of embryos for research purposes. An example would be in the state of South Dakota, where there is a law that strictly forbids research on embryos regardless of the source. These state laws restrict stem cell researchers from permitting certain activities. Since there are some states that don't permit the use of embryos in research, the researchers must follow very specific guideline such as getting consent and approval for any projects they plan to follow through with (12).

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